Tuesday, November 28, 2017

4 Habits I Struggle Breaking

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Soo.... I promised that I would post more and create more content but here I am two months later, not doing that. Better late than never, am I right? Wrong! I have so many bad habits that I struggle with breaking but I know I am not alone on this journey. 2018 is around the corner and what better way to end this year by breaking some of these bad and annoying habits. Here are my habits that I have been struggling to break since high school. Yes.. it has been a very long time.

I am known to have sugary drinks. I love my coffee sweet and my juices (not soda, I am not a huge fan of soda really). Not only do I drink sugar, I love candy and chocolate! Every time I walk by the candy stand, I start drooling. If there is any sugar or candy in my apartment, I have to hide them because if it is a plain sight I would eat the entire box.

If I do not have to be at work by 11AM or later I always sleep-in, instead of taking the advantage of being productive in the morning. This also means that I never eat breakfast and sometimes not even lunch. This gets worse when I get into a bad funk. I would rather waste my time in bed than be productive and do something with my life.

This happens more when I eat out and the reasons I always try to finish my whole meal is either because I don't want to carry leftovers home or eating more because I'm bored. When I mean I'm bored, it is more like when there is food just sitting in front of me and the conversation isn't all that stimulating. I would just stuff my face until I have something to talk about or until the food is gone.

I am one of those people that idly shop when they are feeling down. I would start by window shopping but once my mood drops I just start buying things I don't necessarily need. I just buy it because for whatever reason I think it would feel the void in my negative mood. It does for like a second but then I just end up with a bunch of things I don't need in my life. 

If anyone else struggles with these habits let me know in the comments. We can support each other int he journey of breaking them and forming better habits together!

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