My School-bag Essentials

4:00 PM

I hope everyone's' first couple of weeks of school was great! The first few weeks back is exciting and terrifying at the same time. For college, it's exciting to see so many students on campus along with the many activities and events around campus. However at the same time, getting used to the professor, class, and classmates sometimes it isn't easy. Usually, most people feel 'comfortable' after the first month of school.

I have been in college for a few years and now that I commute again, I had a hard time trying not to bring my whole apartment with me to campus. After the first week of school, I learn to pack lighter to make my travelling a lot easier. These are all the items that I take with me to school besides my laptop. I take my laptop to campus every day because it is easier to use than carrying multiple notebooks. I didn't add it into the photo because it would have made my photo a little wider than I wanted. Anyway my school-bag essentials are:

  1. Bookbag -- better if it had multiple pockets and a laptop section inside the bag. I got this bag from Amazon. 
  2. Laptop -- I have the MacBook Air.
  3. Planner -- I bought this weekly planner from eBay (unfortunately, I don't have the seller's info anymore). This planner is great for me because it has blank dates and it also has a grid side for notes and doodles.
  4. Kindle -- I have any leisure books, textbooks, and PDFs all on this little guy. I rarely carry my textbook to school now because lucky for me there was a digital version for all of them.
  5. Wallet -- This is a black Coach wallet. Unfortunately, I do not know what kind of wallet it is because I received as a gift from my mother.
  6. Cheero Portable External Charger -- I ordered this from Amazon mostly for my previous job I had to constantly use my phone so an external charger was a must for me. There will be times when your phone needs some juice but there is no outlet nearby, in this case, you have you handy dandy charger!
  7. Mead College Ruled mini notebook -- I write endless lists and random thoughts in here. It's completely unorganized which is fine because I transfer most of what I write in here in my weekly planner book.
  8. Black gel pen -- this is always attached to my mead notebook so it is easier to immediately write my thoughts down before I forget them. This specific pen is Uni-ball by Signo and it doesn't bleed through the paper.
  9. Apple earphones -- is definitely a must! It is going to be rare to find a very quiet spot at the university I attend so this helps me 'properly' ignore background noise. If I don't have this I tend to eavesdrop on nearby people's conversation. I know it's so bad but I can't help but listen to their conversation. 
  10. Lint roller -- I have a Shiba Inu and they are famously known for their crazy annoying shedding season(s). I wear a lot of dark colors so this is a must for me.
  11. Pencil holder -- holds my highlighters, pencils, easier, stapler, and posts it
  12. Chapstick -- I always change the brand but Blistex seems the be the best one for me. I have really dry lips no matter how much water I drink. Always want to keep your lips hydrated!
  13. Hand lotion -- I also have dry hands, especially in the winter. This Eucerin one is the best hand lotion. It's quite thick but it doesn't leave you hands too oily and it has a nice light scent. 

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