Motivation Monday: Good things in life

10:00 AM

I’m not going to lie, I used to be a very pessimist person and it got worst in college. I would constantly seek advice from my friends and family. My family, of course, would say things that my friends wouldn’t say and of course, it hurt my confidence. I started college with an interest in Electrical Engineering and I stayed with that major for two years. After a lot of personal issues and lack of focus, confidence and interest I decided to change my major to Marketing. Then I stayed with that major for about two and a half years and yet again I changed my major to Advertising. I have been in college for almost five years with a little terrifying debt racking up. I also have not had any internship with any company.
So why haven't I kicked myself in the butt like before?
Before it didn't help to linger on the negative things in my life, instead I thought about all the good things that happened to me. Just like the quote 'Remind yourself of how far you have come, not how far you have to go.' I have experienced different parts of the business world such as food service, customer service, administrative assistance, and so on. Which helped shaped me into a more professional worker and appreciate a lot of things in life. 
So yes...
I may not have an internship with a company.
I may not be graduating on time.
I may not have the best grades in the world.
I may not be exactly where my friends my age are at.
I have moved out of my parents' house without asking for any financial help with rent.
I have a crazy but very adorable dog.
I have someone that genuinely cares about me and wishes me to constantly improve myself.
I have work experience that I do not regret having.
I have family members that only wish the best for me (even if their opinions can be very harsh).
I have successfully moved into the city and loving it!

Even if there are a series of events that seems to make your life feel miserable, just remember to think of the great things that you have done and just keep putting your best foot forward!

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