Friday Favorites: Youtubers

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I admit I am a daily YouTube watcher and there are a handful of people that I am super dedicated to. I would check every day to see if any of these people have posted a new video on their channel. Yes I know I sound like an obsessive fan and stalker but I can't help it! I love their videos for a number of different reasons. I hope you beautiful people go and check out their channel and see for yourself.

The list is rated by super fav to fav!

  1. ilikeweylie & WahlieTV -- They are both different channels but WahlieTV is her vlog channel.
    Weylie and Wah are the most down to earth people. (Note: I do not know them personally, I wish I did though) I love watching their adventures and Weylie's talks. They encourage me to live the life I want for myself and that no one but yourself can stop you. Their relationship with each other is also awe-inspiring as well. I have probably watched their vlogs at least 3 times each! 
  2. Sarah Hawkinson
    I have been following Sarah for a few years and I love her style so much. She is also a horror film lover as well so if you are looking for recommendations I would go check out her horror channel. In the beginning, she was doing a lot of make-up looks and such but she is more of I guess a lifestyle Youtuber? Lately, she has been doing these 'No Makeup Monday Talks' and the topics she talks about ranges from dealing with mental illness to story time. 
  3. DavidSoComdey
    This guy is mad funny but yes sometimes he does go a little overboard but some of the points he makes are valid. Also if you didn't know he has a beautiful voice but he hasn't been doing much music covers lately. 
  4. StyleSuzi & StyleSuziVlogs
    I love listening to her voice because her accent is just super cute and her baby is freaking adorable. She makes a lot of good recommendations when it comes to clothes and makeup products. 
  5. Lily Melrose
    Yet another person that I love listening to because of their accent. I feel like her drugstore recommendation is the best out there (in my option). I have no bad reactions to her recommendations and on top of that, she has a very edgy and trendy style.
  6. Olivya Nora
    She has a very interesting style. A certain style I wish to try but I'm not confident or bold enough to do. She also has been sporting these crazy cool hair colors! Her channel is still relatively new and she also cosplay which is a plus in my book. 
Do you guys have any favorite Youtubers you follow religiously? Leave a comment below cause I would love to know!

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