Friday Favorites: Summer Hair Color

12:00 PM

It's been about three years since I started experimenting with hair color and hair styles. I have colored my hair around four times and only one out of those five was done professionally. Take it from my experience do not try any of these four hair colors by yourself!  Unless you are a professional then by all means but these look a lot more complicated to do by yourself.

1. Long dark brown to ash ombre

This look is the most natural to start coloring/experimenting with color in your hair. If you are like me, someone who is deathly afraid of changing my hair color because of the slight chance that it would be unfaltering with my skin tone, then this shouldn't be to scary. I think this sort of ombre will look great on anyone!

2. Medium black to dark grey ombre

I would definitely do this look when my hair grows longer. Personally kind of bummed I didn't do it before I chopped more than half my hair off but it's alright! This look in my option looks ten times better in autumn to beginning of winter. I also love that its not too light. When I think of grey ombre hair color I picture the grey to be sliver to almost white. That shade tends to have a hit of either blue or purple tint in them but this color seems as if there is a hint of an ash brown going on.

3. Short dark brown to blue balayage

If you look closer you can kind of see some hints of magenta with the blue violet color. The colors look great for the summer but I wonder what you have to do to keep the blue vibrant throughout the week.

4. Short dark brown to pastel pink balayage

Out of all four I think this is the most bold and daring look for the summer. I would love to try this style but as I mentioned earlier I am terrified that the color and look would be unflattering on me. Maybe I will save this look for next summer. 

Which one of these hair color is your favorite? I would love to know~

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